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1. Jane has got 90 points. Mike has got 90 points as well. So Jane is as smart as Mike. They have the same degree of score.

2. Jane has lifted 20 kg weights.
Mike has lifted 20 kg weights.
Jane is as strong as Mike. So they hav e the same degree of strength.

3. Jane has just arrived at the finishing line. Mike has just arrived at the finishing line as well. Jane i s as fast as Mike. They have the same degree of fastness.

4. The baby looks sad on the bed. It looks hungry.

5. The baby on the bed looks happy. There are three hearts in the picture. It means the the baby looks happy. The baby is smiling.

6. The baby has a play thing (doll). it looks sleepy on the bed.

7. Find a person or a thing that has the same degree, and talk about that with your partner.

(Are the sentences all grammatical? Would you check them? I want to use correct English expressions.)

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    1. Delete the instances of the word "got" - otherwise, it reads fine.

    2 is correct.

    3. Change "finishing" to "finish" and change "fastness" to "speed."

    4 is fine.

    5 is fine except for the repeated instance of "the." Remove one of them.

    In 6, I'd change "play thing (doll)" to simply "toy" or "doll." Then you need to clarify "it" -- is "it referring to the baby or the toy?

    In 7, you should change "the same degree" to "a similar quality" - otherwise, it's fine.

  • English -

    To add to Writeteacher's excellent suggestions:

    1, 2 and 3. You can also eliminate "degree of."

    4. "It" infers an inanimate (lifeless) object. It would be better to use "she" or "he", depending on the sex of the child.

    5. The "three hearts" typically symbolize "love," which is more specific than "happy." Smiling indicates happiness, so it might be better if you reversed the last two sentences.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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