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8th Grade Algebra: HELP ME PLEASE!

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I am having a hard time figuring out the equations for these problems.

1) The perimeter of a rectangle is 160 feet. One fourth the length is the same as twice the width. Find the demensions for the rectangle.

2) Lorena bought 10 packs of styrofoam cups for the graduation dance. A pack of fity 12-oz cups costs $1.80 and a pack of fifty 16-oz cups costs $2.40. Lorena paid a total of $21.60 excluding tax. How many packs of each size cup did shy buy?

3) The Taylor family reunion had a record turnout of 38 people last year. For a change of pace, they decided to go ice skating instead of having a picnic. Admission for the group cost was $153.50 [including skates]. How many adults and children were at the reunion?
Admission and skate rental:

I really need help, please.

  • 8th Grade Algebra: HELP ME PLEASE! -

    I will do one of them, then you try the others.
    length = L
    width = b
    160 = 2L + 2 b
    L/4 = 2 b
    L = 8 b
    so use 8 b for L
    160 = 2 (8 b) + 2 b
    160 = 18 b
    b = 80/9
    L = 8*80/9 = 640/9
    160/9 + 1280/9 = 160, check
    160/9 = 160/9 check

  • 8th Grade Algebra: HELP ME PLEASE! -

    okay, is it okay if you can check my work later after I solve them ?

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