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Amount of an Investment. The amount of an ivestment of P dollarsfor T years at simple intrest rate r is given by

a)Rewrite formula by factoring out the greatest common factor on the right hand side.

b)find A if $8300is invested for 3 yrs at simple intrest rate of 5%

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    A = P(1 + rt)

    in b) sub in 8300 for P, 3 for t, and .05 for r
    A = 8300(1 + 3(.05))
    = ....

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    a) A = P(1 + r T)

    b) They are asking you to compute
    8300*[1 + (0.05*3)] = 8300*1.15
    "*" means the same at "x"

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    Is this the same as PV formaula?

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    No. That is Boyle's gas law.

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