3rd grade Grammar

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I can't figure out if the teacher is trying to trick me. I'm supposed to find the plural subject in the following sentences. I can't find a plural subject. Can you help me.

1. Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming. (can't figure this out)

2. This park also spreads into Idaho and Montana. (can't figure this out)

3. Many people have visited the park. (I think Many people would be the plural subject)

4. Visitors were walking throughout the park. ( I think Visitors would be the plural subject)

5. Hikers have climbed the mountains.
(I think mountains would be the plural subject)

Thanks for your help.

  • 3rd grade Grammar -

    #'s 1 and 2 do not have plural subjects.

    3. People is the subject, many is an adjective modifying it.

    4. you are correct.

    5. The verb is have climbed...so what is the subject of that verb?

  • 3rd grade Grammar -

    5. Hikers?

  • 3rd grade Grammar -

    Right. Hikers is the subject of # 5.

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