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Algebra I

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Match expressions from this list that are equivalent but written in different forms. There can be multiple matches.
I know that there is a group of 3, and a group of 2, matching expressions.
Here are the expression-I need help figuring out how to go about this.
a.) (2x^2)^3 b.) 8x^5
c.) (-4x^3)(-2x^3) d.) (6x^2)(2x^3)
e.) (12)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)
f.) (4x)(2x^5)

Do i just simplify each expression and see what comes out equal? If so, do you have any hints on doing so?

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    simplifying each one to see what comes out is a great idea

    I had 8x^6 three times
    12x^5 twice and a single 8x^5

  • Algebra I -

    thank you

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