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How do you solve this:

Consider the decomposition of ammonium chloride at a cerain temperature

NH4Cl(s) <- NH3(g) + HCl(g)

Calculate the equilibrium constant Kp if the total pressure is 2.2 atm at that temperature.

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    I think I would do the following:
    NH4Cl(s) ==> NH3(g) + HCl(g)

    Ptotal = PNH3 + PHCl
    2.2 atm = PNH3 + PHCl
    From the equation, PNH3 = PHCl; therefore,
    2.2 = 2PNH3 and you can go from there.
    Then substitute partial pressures into
    Kp = PNH3*PHCl to find Kp.

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    thank you. so what did you get as a final answer for this problem then? and what did u do after doing 2.2=2PHN3

    and after subsituting the partial pressure??


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    The remainder of the problem is up to you. We try to HELP you do the work but we don't do it. You can substitute and calculate Kp; it's just multiplying two numbers together.

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