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Include an explanation, balanced chemical equation, units, significant figures and/or calculations where appropriate.

Standardization of NaOH Solution

Trial 1:
0.501 g KHC8H4O4
15.22 mL NaOH

Trial 2:
0.503 g KHC8H4O4
15.11 mL

Trial 3:
0.500 g KHC8H4O4
15.10 mL

Using the data presented above, calculate the concentration of your standard sodium hydroxide solution. Include the calculation for each trial and the average.

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    Are you asking me to do your homework? or your lab work? Tell me what you don't understand and I can help you through it.

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    I'm not sure how to start it.

    I know I need to have a balanced chemical equation, so...

    KHC8H4O4 (aq) + NaOH (aq) --> H2O (l) + ????

    Then once I figure this out, do I use the mass in each trial to find the moles of NaOH through stoichiometry.

    Then divide the number of moles by the volume of NaOH.


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    Simplify the KHC8H4O4 to KHT.
    Then KHT + NaOH ==> NaKT + HOH

    mols KHT = grams/molar mass
    mols HHT = moles NaOH.
    M NaOH = moles/L NaOH.
    You will have a M for each trial, then average the values you obtain.

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    Theory background of standardizing NaOH with KHP

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