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If i have two base variables with exponents for example:
After getting x^2-would i have just ONE variable base?
i.e. 4(3x^2)
or place the exponent on BOTH variable bases like this:

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    Your question is rather unclear.
    If you square (4x)(3x),the result is 4^2 * 3^2 x^2 = 144 x^2.
    If you square just the x, the result is 12 x^2.

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    I guess i can try to clear it up. Sorry.
    So I'm adding the exponents of 1 for EACH variable/base x. That'd make it x^2.
    Okay, so if i have to rewrite the equation with just one exponent, then would i put the x^2 after JUST ONE of the coefficents? Like this:
    4x^2(3) or KEEP IT attacthed to BOTH coefficents like this: 4x^2(3^2)
    I'm sorry if that still makes no sense.

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    oh-wow.totaly mind blank there-thank you for answering my question. After reading it a while i finally got it! Thanks again

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