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I am doing a 6th grade country report on Iceland and I need the following information:

Iceland's lower courts
Iceland's Appeals

Thank you for any help that I can get!!! (I can't use any links because of parental controls. :) thank you!!!)

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    "District courts are courts of first instance. There are eight district courts in Iceland, which have jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases. Appeals are heard by the Supreme Court, consisting of nine justices (all appointed for life by the president), who elect one of their number as chief justice for a two-year term. There are special courts for maritime cases, labor disputes, and other types of cases.

    The courts are free from political control. Although the Ministry of Justice administers the lower courts, the Supreme Court oversees independent and fair application of the law.

    A recent reform project transferred all judicial authority for criminal and civil cases form local officials (chiefs of police) to newly established district courts. This complete separation of judicial and executive power in regional jurisdictions was completed in 1992."

    "The Supreme Court is the only court of appeal and has nationwide jurisdiction. It is composed of nine judges, commissioned for an indefinite period of time by the President of Iceland as proposed by the Minister of Justice, see Art. 4 of Act No. 15/1998. Judgments in criminal cases may be referred to the Supreme Court without any restriction while the appeal of civil judgments is dependent on minor requirements related to the minimum interests at stake. "

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    Thank you so much for your help!!! This information will really come in handy!!! :)

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    You're very welcome, Chase. Good luck with your report.

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    Thank you!!! :)

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    i am doing a 6th grade country report on north korea. i most thing i need to know is what is the major difference between north and south Korea. thanks for your help that i get :>
    thank you:>

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    do it on uk

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