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Here are the instructions:

Ce Soir! Donnez des rèsponses personnelles. (Give my own answers)
Please check these thanks

1. Ce soir, tu vas regarder la tèlè.
Answer: Oui, ce soir je vais regarder la tèlè.

2. Tu vas tèlèphoner à un copain ou une copaine?
Answer: Je vais tèlèphoner à un copain.

3. Tu vas prèparer le dîner?
Answer: Je vais prèparer le dîner.

4. Tu vas aller en classe?
Answer: Je vais aller en classe.

5. Tu vas inviter tes professeurs au restaurant?
Answer: Je ne vais pas inviter des professurs au restaurant.

  • French -

    #1. la tèlè. = not accent grave, but aigu = la télé

    #2. tèlèphoner = téléphoner

    #3. prèparer = préparer, in both the question and in the answer

    In both #3 and in #4, you might want to begin with "Oui,....."

    #5. Non......because question said "tes professeurs" by rights you should answer with "mes professeurs" (check spelling there)

    The difference between `, ´and no accent is illustrated in the single word: l'élève. The first è = eh, the second é = a (first letter of English alphabet) and the third e = uh

    The most important thing, writing your own answers, was done very well! Bon!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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