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solve system of equation


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    I would use elimination and start with the z's
    Add the first plus the second to get
    10x - y = -48

    Double the second and add it to the third to get 13x - 5y = -55

    ahhh, changed my mind, let's now switch to substitution
    from above 10x - y = -48 or
    y = 10x + 48

    sub that into
    13x - 5y = -55
    13x - 5(10x + 48) = -55

    etc. (I got x=5)

    I am sure you can finish it from here.

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    I am coming up with (-5,-2,4) for my answer and I see you x=5

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    good job
    You can tell your answers are correct by merely subbing them back into the 3 original equations, they work


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