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What did Horace Greeley think about slavery and what kind of community did he think America should be?

I researched him and found out that he wants to abolish slavery but my teacher wants us to explain in detail.


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    You must have found the answers to these questions in your research. Think about the 5 W's -- Who, What, Where, When, Why -- and How.

    This site may also help you.

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    I read it but i still don't get what commmunity he thought America should be?

    It said that he was involved in almost every political and social issue of his era so He isn't really specific in one thing besides wanting womens rights and freeeing slaves.

    Does that mean that he just America to be a free country giving everyone equal rights and opportunities?


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    Yes, I think you've summarized Greeley's view of an ideal community.

    For a brief time he was interested in utopian communities. That site also points out his concern for workers. I think he saw a purely egalitarian community. He wasn't a socialist, though, because he didn't want the government owning businesses or interfering with individual freedoms.

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    ok thanks:) You've helped a lot

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    You're welcome! :-)

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