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Ok Guru
I been working hard on this so lets see if this little engine here can handle all this text. Following if the system allows are all the questions accompanied by answers and notes of what I have so far.
I will say the shortcut try was because extenuating curcumstances not so cheat, and sometime people do have some valid ones.
Enough justifications and on with the task. Lets see what this little box here can take in terms of text.
Please Guru, comment critisize, correct and assist if you can with anything that may be helpfull.

Task 1 – List 5 qualities that a ‘good’ teacher should have and give reasons for your choices. Which of these qualities do you consider to be more important, and why?

A passion for the work
A good teacher will have a deep knowledge of the subject. A teacher needs to be seen to be confident in all aspects of the work. A teacher should also have a passion for the work. Simply being able to do the work is not good enough if you wish to convey the language with any success. Teachers should be able to explain complicated and confusing problems in a way that is understandable for students. Having the ability to modulate with ease and confidence between the different rolls performed while teaching gives the teacher far greater effectiveness. A sound knowledge of the subject is most important.

Never to belittle, intimidate, alienate or otherwise offend a students. Good teachers are caring, empathetic and respond to people on a feeling level. Open with personal thoughts and feelings, encouraging others to do likewise. Encouraging students to experiment with the language and always have a positive attitude. A good teacher understands that errors will be made and students may be embarrassed or feel somewhat less capable than others who do it easier. A good teacher has the ability to spot weaknesses in student learning and assist in overcoming these difficulties. Understanding the intrinsic motivations of individuals, and knowing what motivates students. Being alert to the necessities of students and providing proper solutions. Keeping up on specialty area, and has the insight to integrate new knowledge. Using many different methods to encourage students, and create in them, a sense of accomplishment, confidence and knowledge of the subject. Knowing when to lead, when to participate, when to listen, when to dictate, when to be the observer, when to be the parent and when to be just part of the team.

Positive sense of humour.
A good teacher should think positively and enthusiastically about people and what they are capable of becoming. See the good in any situation and move forward to make the most of difficult situations when confronted with obstacles. Encourage others to be positive. Know how to take the tension out of tight situations with a sense of humour. Use humour, spontaneously, in a tasteful manner. Build togetherness in the classroom, through the use of humour. Establish and maintain positive mutual working relationships. Getting to know students as persons while building trust and appreciation through personal interaction and involvement. A good teacher will be entertaining.

Dependable/ Committed
Honest and authentic in working with others. An effective teacher demonstrates commitment to students and the profession. Self-confidence, poise and personal control of situations shows dependability. A healthy self-image while encouraging students to look at them selves in a positive manner, careful to honour the self-respect of the students, while encouraging them to develop a positive self-concept. Consistently lives up to commitments to others. Has a constant quest for knowledge.

An effective teacher will be patient with a frustrated student coaching them to come up with the solution to a problem or complete a task or assignment. Challenge them without exceeding their comfort level. Spot weaknesses in student learning and assist in overcoming these difficulties. An effective teacher will be honest and authentic in working with others and willing to alter plans and directions in a manner which assists students to move toward their goals. Provides knowledge and translates it to students in a way which is understandable to them, but also retains its originality. Deliberate in coming to conclusions, looking at all aspects of situations and remaining fair calm and objective under the most difficult circumstances. Believes problems will be resolved with enough attention and input given.
Task 2 – State what you consider to be the five most important roles of a teacher. Describe each role and say why you think it is important.

The qualities of a teacher also reflect on the roles.
Manager controller, organiser, resource provider, prompter, participant, tutor, resource facilitator, model, observer, monitor,

Information provider.

  • Guru Blue 1 -

    Please check below for my comments on this section. \

    The "little engine that could" is really chugging along <G>

    I am assuming that you applying for entrance into teachers education...Good!

    One thing you forgot in all the serious stuff... a teacher has to be"real", not always serious, teaching is also a "performance art".

  • Manager as a teacher -

    what would you best describe the manager role as a teacher.

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