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What is the area of the region bounded by the lines x=1 and y=0 and the curve y= x(e^x^2)?

A. 1-e units squared
B. e-1 units squared
C. (e-1)/2 units squared
D. (1-e)/2 units squared
or E. e/2 units squared

if you can show me how to get that please

  • calculus -

    You need to specify both a lower and an upper limit for the x integration. You only specified one.

    The indefinite integral of that function, which you need to solve the problenm is (1/2)e^x^2. The value of that function at x = 1 is e/2. The value at x = 0 is 1/2. If the lower limit of x integration is 0, the answer is (e-1)/2.

    "units squared' refers to the area dimension; it does not mean you are supposed to square the number

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