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Choosing High School Courses

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I want to major in something English or History related, probably Secondary Education, International Studies, or Journalism. I am currently enrolled in chemistry and I am doing horribly. Would colleges rather see me take chemistry and get a bad grade, or would they prefer me to take some elective science, like botany or astronomy, and get a good grade in it? I see no reason in continuing to take chemistry, if it's going to majorly ruin my GPA. Could I still get into a decent college (I'm not looking for Ivy League, probably just a state college or an inexpensive, not highly selective private university)if I don't have chemistry? Thank you for your advice, Corinne.

  • Choosing High School Courses -

    Speak to your high school counselor. They are there to help you decide what to take, what you need for graduation, etc.


  • Choosing High School Courses -

    Good choice is to choose high school easy: Algebra 1, PE, and home ec (cooking class) or etc....

    English is the best for writing strategy, and reading is kind of good.

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