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I am writing a report for Geography about the River Tees . Where the river starts the source is this called the upper course? and where it ends is this called the lower course?
thanks for help

  1. Galiah

    In the river tees what processes take place and how do they chage from the source to its mouth?
    i can`t find the answer im stuck.
    are the processes erosion transportation and depostion?

  2. Dr Russ

    The source of the River Tees is Cross Fell in the Pennines. This will form part of the upper course as you say. The lower course is the last part of its travel eventually reaching the sea. It reaches the sea at Seal Sands, Teesmouth, between Hartlepool and Redcar.
    The processes you are looking for will be erosion, transportation and depostion, but you will need to give examples.
    The river is well documented on the internet. Some key words you could try for an internet search are 'High Force' and 'Teesdale'

  3. Galiah

    thankyou for your help your very kind

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