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Q: Do you think that having an understanding of cultural differences and personality differences would be beneficial? Why or why not?

A: I believe having an understanding of both cultural differences and personality differences can be beneficial. I say this because having the understanding of both differences when you have this knowledge, you can appeal to a person better when making a positive first impression. Here are some examples for cultural differences: you appeal to thier langusges, accents, and things like traditions. You would want to respect an African culture by standing three feet from them becuase it is their culture. If you were meeting with someone from Japan you would want to greet them with a bow as a means to respect for the Japanese culture.

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    Your basic ideas are good.

    However, under most circumstances, it would not be advisable to bow to a Japanese person. It's more important to be aware of seemingly less significant cultural differences. For instance, Korean (and probably other east Asian) children are taught not to look an older person in the eyes. They're not being shifty, just polite. You need to be aware of cultural differences in order to understand how to get along with those of other cultures in society and the workplace.

    You might add those ideas -- and correct your misspelled words.

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