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learning spanish

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i want to learn spanish. does anyone know what books would be best to learn spanish?

thank you

  • learning spanish -

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    There is a GOOGLE Search where you can look through for books, BUT, here is how you learn a new language:

    1. You must HEAR a lot of it. Try friends and neighbors (total immersion is great), tapes, CD's, telenovelas = soap operas on the TV because you not only hear but get the idea by the action, films. It does not matter that you don't understand at first = this is "passive learning" or learning by osmosis!

    2. You must REPEAT a lot. You can use a Spanish-speaker to be sure you are pronouncing correctly, or put it on tape. Then, when you have the sound system down, which is easy, you can self-critique.

    3. You must SEE, or read a lot. I recommend children's books because the language is simple and the pictures help. However, you must not SEE the written word until you have heard and repeated a lot, because it will interfere with pronunciation.

    4. The very last step is to WRITE what you have heard, repeated/said, seen/read.

    Feel free to ask any questions. There are sites/lessons online which I'll be h appy to list for you, if you'd like.


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