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You've got a bucket labeled Apples, and a bucket labeled Oranges, and a bucket labeled Apples and Oranges. You know they're all incorrectly labeled. How many pieces of fruit do you need to pull out, and from which buckets, before you can correct the labels? And why?

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    Did you give us all the information? Because I don't know how you'd be able to solve that without knowing the amount of apples and/or oranges.

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    I'm thinking this is a math riddle.

    You take a fruit from the box labeled "apples and oranges". If you pull out an apple, then you should put the "apple" label on that box. If you pull out an orange, then put the "orange" label on that box. Then since you knew all three boxes had incorrect labels, you would switch the remaining two labels as well!


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    Know that I think about it, I feel so stupid lol.

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