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To get into an actuarial science program I was wondering was sort of high school courses I would need to take and what kind of marks I'd need to acheive. I`ve tried googling this but I can't seem to find information on this anywhere :S

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    The harder the courses and the higher the grades, the better your chances are of getting into your preferred college and receiving scholarship help.

    You definitely need four years of math, English, social studies, and science. Business classes will also be helpful.

    Check with your counselor -- and study this site.

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    An actuarial science program, if offered at the undergraduate level, would have the same high school prerequisties as a math/sciece/engineering major. Calculus (if offered) should be taken at the high school level and passed with an A grade. The required statistics and probability courses, and actuarial theory and practice, can and should be taken at the college level. Statistics is usually not taught in high school, except at a very elementary level, but can be taken if offered.

    My son obtained actuary certification in a correspondence course (and by passing a required nationally administered test) after graduating from college with a math/econ major. It took hin about two extra years of part time study. He is very happy with his careeer choice, and sucessfully self-employed.

    There is some good advice here:
    (Broken Link Removed)

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    Thank you so much :)

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