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I just had a test, and one question I tried heaps of times and I still couldn't answer. It was "Prove secèsinè + cosecè cosè = 2cosecè "

Can someone please tell me if proving this is possible at all? (But don't tell me how to solve it)

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    sin x/cos x + cos x/sin x =
    (sin^2 x + cos^2 x)/(sin x cos x )=
    1/(sin x cos x)
    I do not see how that comes out to 2 cosec x

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    Usually my first step in proving any trig identity is taking an arbitrary angle to see if it makes it true, say 45 degrees.

    Picking up from Damon's first line, your equation is
    tanx + cotx = 2/sinx

    for x = 45 degrees
    LS = 1+1 = 2
    RS = 2/.707 which is not LS

    so the equation is not an identity.

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