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I've removed your post about evalustion because your question isn't clear and you don't tell what you learned in the multimedia.

Please clarify and tell us what you know about the two types of evalustions. We'll be glad to help you when we understand your assignment.

  • To: dd -- human services -

    What I have learned about the multimedia is the ways that the human service can use information to deliver to their clients. Pamplets, vedeos, and the interactions between the communities and the people in them. I may not be saying this right, so this is why I need some help. It was discussed in a few sentences but I would like to learn more about the meultimedia and how it works in human services. If there is a web site that I might go to would help, One that deals with human service.

  • To: dd -- human services -

    Is this what you need?

    (Broken Link Removed)

  • To: dd -- human services -

    yes thank you!

  • To: dd -- human services -

    You're welcome.

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