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Solve each system graphically.


4x - y = 9
x - 3y = 16

I need to find at least one pair of points that fit. I tried using the elimination method and got (5 and 6/7, -22), which did not even work for the first equation.

I also tried graphing it but it was too hard to tell.

Can anyone help me with solving this?

Thanks so much! :-)

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    you can try substitution

    x-3(4x-9) = 16
    x - 12x + 27 = 16




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    Didn't your question ask for a graphical solution?

    so you have to find at least 2 ordered pairs for each equation and then draw them

    for the first:
    4x - y = 9 ---> y = 4x - 9

    x y
    1 -5
    3 3

    for the second:
    x - 3y = 16 ---> x = 3y + 16

    x y
    4 -4
    -2 6

    graph both lines, they should intersect at (1,-5), the answer chopsticks gave you.

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