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I am working on a test review for Gov't and I cant find any information whatsoever in the text book. The question is...

Identify and explain why the following is important...

2. Events leading to the American Revolution: French & Indian War, Albany Plan, Stamp Act Congress, First and Second Continental Congresses
3. Declaration of Independence-author and political theories
4. Articles of Confederation-structure of the government, accomplishments & weaknesses
5. The Critical Period-What events brought about the request for a meeting to revise the Articles of Confederation?
6. Constitutional Convention-where, types of delegates, which state didn't participate and why?, Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, Connecticut or Great Compromise, 3/5 Compromise, Slave Trade Compromise, Commerce Compromise, Federalists and Anti-Federalists-their leaders and arguements, the Federalist essays, James Madison, George Washington, the ratification process


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    My goodness, you are in trouble!

    It looks to me like you haven't cracked a book for a while, nor have you taken notes in class.

    The best you can do now, is to Google as many of these topics as possible. But I doubt if you can learn enough in one night to make much difference on your test.

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    So, there's no way you can help me??

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    The King of Britan taxed the people as a result of the french and indian war. The stamp act also taxed the colonies.
    Over taxing was one of the cause of the American revolution. I remember my teacher saying that people were yelling "No taxation without representation!"

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