9th grade lit poem

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I need assistance I was on here before with this poem but not with the same name (Lemon Pie). The poem is making a fist by Namomi Shihab Nye. I don't understand it. Could someone try to make me understand it I would appreciate it thanks for you time


  • 9th grade lit poem -

    Sorry It's Naomi

  • 9th grade lit poem -


    The clenched fist is a talisman of hope for this poet. I think it speaks to all of us in remembering little things we learned when we were young.

  • Mrs. Sue PPLz read -

    Can I ask you a question Mrs. Sue is this poem about a child getting carsick in a car??

    And what does "borders", and "backseat" mean in the poem?

  • 9th grade lit poem -

    To me the backseat symbolizes being taken somewhere by her parents. She was scared and seeking reassurance.

    The borders are literally borders between countries, yet they also represent the many changes we all go through in our lives.

  • Mrs. Sue PPlz read -

    Is the setting of the poem in a car driving on a road north of Tampico?

  • 9th grade lit poem -

    Only the first two verses are set on that road. The last verse is about events that occur years later -- after the poet has lived through many metaphorical journeys.

  • 9th grade lit poem -

    Can you help me with my last question which is not part of my homework but I just want to know. What is the difference between the hands.

  • 9th grade lit poem -

    The setting in the first part of the poem is in a car driving on a road north of Tampico. The setting shifts, though, in the third stanza. There is no particular place named, but it's obviously referring to a time later in the poet's life.

  • 9th grade lit poem -

    In the Alabama poem, the hands of many colors represent different races -- but all in the red clay soil, the essence of Alabama.

  • 9th grade lit poem -

    Do you believe this poem is negative or positive tone. I think it's positive because the speaker has positive thoughts.

  • 9th grade lit poem -

    Yes, both poems are positive.

  • 9th grade lit poem -

    I need help with this question to making a fist. It says in the first two stanzas, what figurative language helps you experience the child's feelings.

  • 9th grade lit poem -

    What do you think?

  • 9th grade lit poem -

    okay i have a question of my own, anyone who can help me id be much obliged.:)
    what does the title of this poem contribute to the reader's understanding??

    Thanks in advanced! :)

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