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Daybreak in Alabama
The Planet on the Table

What tone is used by each poet in these poemes--detached, cynical, philosophical, playful, solemn, ironic, or passionate? What language in the poems helps you determine the author's tone? Write 2 paragraphs in which you answer these questions for each poem.(make sure your answer refers to both poems) Use atleast 2 examples from the poems to support your ideas.

please help me with this question..can you tell me the definition and examples of those tones, so then i can figure out which ones were used in these poems


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    Tone is simply how we describe the author's or poet's attitude toward his subject. It usually permeates the work, but in longer works, it can change.

    You chose D for the answer below (for "Daybreak...") -- that's a positive and hopeful attitude, right. Which words in the poem made you come to that conclusion?

    Use the same processes for determining the tone for the other poem.

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    so for Daybreak in Alabama which of the above tones could i say:passionate?

    that is the closest to hopeful right?

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    It could be. Or it could be playful, too. I think some of it depends on how each reader interprets the poem.

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