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Hi, can someone translate these question for me please?

1. Son las ocho y media

2. Son las nueve y cuarto

3. Son las diez

4. Son las doce menos diez

5. La clase de matemáticas las ocho y media

6. Hay mucho exámenes en la clase de español

7. Maria tiene la clase de historia todos los dias

8. Maria nunca tiene la clase de arte

9. Maria tiene la clase de cienceas de vez en cuando

10. Me gusta usar la computadora en la clase de español

11. No me gusta hablar en las clase de español

12. No me gusta dibujar en la clase de arte

13. Mi clase de matemáticas es a las ocho y media

14. Me gusta leer libros en la clase de ingles muchas

15. El maestro de ciencias es alto y simpático

Do they make sense and did I write them out properly? If not, what can I change?

Muchas Gracias

  • Spanish -

    You should try the translation FIRST and then we can better see where a problem might be. In the first few you need to know the numbers to tell time.

    1. It is 8:30.
    2. It's 9:15.
    3. It's 10:00.
    4. It's 11:50. (12 o'clock minus 10 minutes)
    5. You have no verb here so I'm not exactly sure what you wish to say. All I see is "Math class 8:30."
    6. You "almost" have this one. Basic grammar in Spanish is that each adjective (mucho) must have the same gender (masculine/feminine) and number (singular/plural) as the noun modified. The noun here is "exámenes = masculine and plural, so the adjective must be "muchos." This is an attempt to say "There are many exams in Spanish class.
    7. Would be perfect if you had accents on María and día. Mary has history class every day.
    8. Again, accent on all the "María" words in each sentence. Mary never has art class.
    9. Correct spelling of "ciencias" = Mary has science class sometimes (once in a while).
    10. You got one! I like to use the computer in Spanish class.
    11. "las" is plural and "clase" is not. Make them match = la clase = I don't like to talk (speak) in Spanish class. (But you MUST to do well!)
    12. You got two! I don't like to draw in art class.
    13. You got 3! My math class is at 8:30.
    14. Accent on "inglés" and get rid of "muchos" unless you want to say "muchos libros" = a lot of books OR I like it a lot = "Me gusta mucho" etc.
    15. You got 4!

    Next time = YOU translate what you think you've said because it is far better practice for YOU than for ME!


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