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AP World Civilizations

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"The Protestant Reformation and the Counter-Reformation"

Describe the religious division of Roman Catholicism and Protestantism geographically. Remember that the Lutheran and Calvinist faiths are Protestant as is the Church of England.

Help!?!?! This is my last question left on the paper and I can't find it.

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    In which countries did Lutheranism and Calvinism first develop?

    In which countries did Catholicism remain the predominate religion?

    Also note that all northern Germany turned toward Protestantism, southern Germany, mainly Bavaria, remained Catholic.

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    Well, Lutheranism was started by Martin Luther in the 16th century in Saxony? and diffused through many German territories into Scandinavia. Calvinism was started by John Calvin in 1541 in Geneva.

    Many Germans resented the authority and taxes of the Roman pope and German princes saw an opportunity to gain more power. Their leader, the Holy Roman emperor, remained Catholic. The Catholics were then attacked by the Protestant religion and they did not still. They were not again religiously unified but defended southern Europe, Austria, Poland, most of Hungary, and key parts of Germany.

    So I've got all that, but what exactly from that would be my answer? And is all of that right?

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    Saxony is part of Germany; Geneva is in Switzerland.

    Of course the Church of England is in the United Kingdom.

    You have the basic information. I think you just need to answer it the way you've already done.

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    Ahh, okay. Thank you so much!!!

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    You're very welcome.

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