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does someone know a good translator online (english-polish)

thanks alot for help :)

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    Try typing in "english-polish dictionary" or "english-polish translator" on google.
    Or had you already done that?

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    i already tried it but most of them
    doesn't have words I'm looking for...

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    Online translators are notoriously inadequate. You should see out a real-live person -- perhaps at your local or college library.

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    seek out...

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    From personal experience, I can tell you Polish is very difficult to understand. Not as bad as Hungarian, but difficult! I'll be happy to share my Polish dictionaries with you.

    1. Several on this GOOGLE search: http://dir.yahoo.com/Social_Science/Linguistics_and_Human_Languages/Languages/Specific_Languages/Polish/Dictionaries/

    2. Slide down to "Polish" dictionaries:


  • English_Polish -

    thank you v. much :)
    polish is my native language and I'm trying to learn better english :)

    thanks alot for these links :)

  • English_Polish -

    I speak some Polish - maybe I can help you.

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