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I am doing my essay on drugs use among teens I need someone one to look at my thesis here is my out line. and i need a introduction and conclusion.

Thesis: in today society drug use among teenagers is becoming more crucial for society.

Outline for Drug use among teenagers.
1. The problem of drug use among teenagers.
A. Subpoint
1. The three main drugs that are used among teenagers.
2. The reasons for drug use to climb among teenagers.
B. Subpoint
1. How drugs have become more available for teenagers to get a hold of.
2. How to stop the problem.

2. The factors that contribute to the choice by teens to use drugs.
A. Subpoint
1. Peer pressure from other kids.
2. The various elements of peer prevention programs.
B. Subpoint
1. Parental involvement and approach to teens.
2. The warning signs and high risk behaviors to look for.

3. The different drug prevention strategies.
A. Subpoint
1. The various facets of prevention programs.
2. The most effective preventative strategies
B. Subpoint
1. Current statistics of drug use in teenagers.
2. City statistics concerning teenage drug abuse.
4. The ending result for teens that do not get help in time.
A. Subpoint
1. Results of being admitted to the local hospital.
2. Causes long term biological and neurological damage.
B. Subpoint
1. Criminal behavior and involvement with the police and/or jail.
2. The study of how licit and illicit drugs are closely connected to teenage suicides.

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    Your outline didn't print.

    Your thesis is carelessly written.

    Do you mean drug "abuse?"
    More crucial than what?
    You need to start your sentence with a capital letter.
    The word today should be possessive.

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    If you tried to "cut and paste" that does not work here. You must type everything out.


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