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Light that is polarized along the vertical direction is incident on a sheet of polarizing material. Only 94% of the intensity of the light passes through the sheet and strikes a second sheet of polarizing material. No light passes through the second sheet. What angle does the transmission axis of the second sheet make with the vertical?

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    If no light gets through the second material, it must be passing only light polarized in the horizontal direction (perpendicular to the "transmission axis") of the first sheet.

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    We can use Malus law to solve this problem, equaiton 24.7:


    S=amount of light leaving

    So = amount of light entering

    We know that S/So = 94%, or 0.94

    Now, to solve for Θ from Malus law

    S/So =cos2 Θ

    Θ=cos-1 sqrt (S/So)

    Θ= cos-1 sqrt (0.94)

    Θ= 14.18

    We subtract this from 90 due to respct to the vertical

    so 90-14.18= 75.82 degrees

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    The solution is almost correct, except that for the final answer it would be 90 + 14.18 = 104.18 degrees because the first sheet is already rotated 14.18 degrees from the vertical.

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    My apologies: the range for Θ is between 0 and 90 degrees, so the original answer of 75.82 degrees is correct.

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