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In a lab that I am doing I am having difficulty in determining this:

What are two indications that suggest a reaction has taken place when HCI was added to Mg?

In this lab I am taking 0.1 Mg and adding it to the flask, then recording the temperature of the Mg which is (21 C). Then I am adding 10ml of ^ m HCI to the flask.
On this question, How could I write a balanced equation for the reaction of Mg with HCI.
I don't know if I have given information to write an equation, please let me know.

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    The reaction is
    Mg + 2HCl ==> MgCl2 + H2
    You know a reaction has occurred because bubbles of gas appear. I assume the temperature measurement is to see that the temperature rises during the reaction. That would be two indications that a reaction has occurred.

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