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Calculate the percent ionization of benzoic acid at the following concentrations:

0.00014 M

i got 68% but it says its wrong

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    What are you using for Ka?

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    Using 6.14 x 10^-5 for Ka for benzoic acid, I obtained 47.8% ionization.

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    Using 6.5E-5 for Ka I obtained 48.77 which rounds to 48.8% ionization.

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    okay i dding get 48.8 i got 68...

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    okay i didn't get 48.8 i got 68...

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    Do you still have a problem? If so, post your work and let me try to find the error. But since you apparently posted 68% and the data base said it was wrong, you might want to try 48.8.

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