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French - SraJMcGin

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Instead of "je ne parle qu'anglais" could I also say "je parle seulment anglais"? Which would be more correct?
And if I would like to say "I do not speak any english" would I say:
"je ne parle aucun anglais"???
Thank you again for all your patience with me!(Merci beaucoup de votre patience avec moi) I hope that's correct!

  • French - SraJMcGin -

    There the language is again NOT immediately after parler = "je parle seulement (sp) l'anglais"

    I like "je ne parle qu'anglais" because of the use of the negative "ne...que/qu'"

    Yes on "je ne parle aucun anglais"

    No patience required! In fact, I wish you had been my student because you ask such good questions!

    Bon travail!

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • French - SraJMcGin -

    Thank you so very much!

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