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What do you think they mean when asking How does the author A Nation Apart organize information to build his argument? Does he include any counterarguments? Why or why not? What kinds of statistics, graphs, or illustrations does the author include? In what ways do these visuals strengthen the author’s arguments?

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    How does the author of A Nation Apart organize information to build his argument?

    Simon Elegant organizes his information around the arguments for, and counterarguments against his belief, that the Chinese economy may survive the economic crisis. He begins by addressing current shortfalls and signs of decline, but then transitions to a more hopeful tone as he reveals counter-information to the dour predictions of U.S. economists. By focusing on local Chinese' experts more optimistic predictions combined with a balanced evaluation of the positive and negative possibilities, Elegant builds an elegant and ultimately successful persuasive article.

    Does he include any counterarguments?
    The author includes several counterarguments. For instance he demonstrates that the unemployment rate is quite high and that there are several concurrent problems with the Chinese economy, including a 4% drop in electricity production. He also points out that experts have anticipated China would have economic difficulties. Finally, elegant states the counterarguments that exports will be down and that corruption and pork barrel spending may both cause additional difficulties

    Why or why not?
    It is almost a requirement for such a controversial argument that the author provide counterarguments simply because the counterarguments are so strong that to ignore them would ruin the author's credibility and the strength of the piece. Elegant has strong arguments, but without rebutting the counterarguments, they would be nowhere near convincing enough to make his case believable.

    What kinds of statistics, graphs, or illustrations does the author include?

    The author includes no graphs and only one illustration, the photo of Chinese youth waiting in long unemployment lines, but that one photo makes a big impact. However, the author relies greatly on statistics as his subject revolves around finances which are measured in dollars and percentages. Therefore the author includes statistics specific to the electricity sector, amount of incentives, and national growth or decline rates, among other figures.

    In what ways would these visuals strengthen the author's arguments?
    The authors statistics basically make his arguments; without them we would be left with little more than an editorial. In particular, the photo engages the audience, and then the statistics provide a powerful suggestion that it just might be possible for the Chinese economy to surprise us, even if some of the statistics illustrate how dire the situation is. As with the arguments and counterarguments, if both sides of the statistical picture weren't included the piece would be weaker.

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    What makes the argument so viable and compelling?

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    What type of introduction and what type of
    conclusion do you plan to write for your research paper? How does the introduction draw readers into your argument, and how does the conclusion neatly tie up your paper? Explain your answers.

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