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In my notes the definition of illusion of invulnerability is that it happens when a group thinks that they cannot go wrong. Can u start me off with a few examples for smokers then I will post the other ones that I come up with to see if they are right please?

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    Smokers believe they are invulnerable to
    dieing young
    smelling bad
    getting emphysema

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    Here is some things that I cames up for smokers and illusion of invaulnerabilty. I need like 2 or 3 more examples. We have to list at least between 5 & 6 each for are homework

    Taking lots of medications to help with problems that smoking caused
    Being Weak
    Sudden Outbursts

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    Sudden outbursts? Being weak? I don't understand.

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    Being mentally weak
    Sudden outbursts of rage

    I don't really know I'm having trouble coming up with two more. Is the medications one alright to use?

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    Can U start me off with a few things for non smokers then I will post the other things that i come up with to see if they are right

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    I've never heard anyone say that smokers may be mentally weak or prone to sudden outbursts of rage. Yes, some smokers may feel they're invulnerable to smoking-related illnesses that require medication.

    If I understand your last question, you need some examples of nonsmokers feeling they're invulnerable.

    Nonsmokers believe they may be invulnerable to:
    frequent colds
    social ostracization

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    What does social ostracization mean?

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    Social ostracization means being shunned by one's peers and society in general. Those who are socially ostracized are considered outcasts and not permitted to associate with others.

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