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Translate each situation to a system of equations. Do not attempt to solve.

Paint Town sold 45 paintbrushes, one kind at $8.50 each and another at $9.50 each. In all, $398.75 was taken in for the brushes. How many of each kind were sold?

My teacher told me that I would probably have to make two equations and each one would have two variables.
I do not need to know how to solve, I just do not know how to make equations from the information provided.

  • Algebra -

    Let x be the number of expensive paintbrushes and y be the number of inexpensive ones.

    Clearly, x + y = 45 is one of the equations

    The other equation says how much money was spent, expressed in terms of x and y.

    ___x + ___y = 38.75

    Make an attempt at that. Fill in the blanks with the prices of each. Then solve the pair of equations

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