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i have to write a poem about 'your expression of the vastness of space/universe as a poem.

i have all the ideas in my head about the universe being incredibly vast. but im rubbish at writing poems. Can anyone help or find a useful website that has a poem about this task??

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    You could set it up as an acrostic, but make it poetic.




    or another word that fits; then make each letter the first in each line.

    Another way is to make a diamante.

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    i have decided to go with a normal poem, is this good enough??

    I look up into eternal Space,
    O' the vastness of it all,
    But the vastness of 'Space' within me,
    Makes outer space seem so small.

    From Earth I glared at the twinkling stars,
    And the sun that lit my way,
    But here is a different atmosphere, There is darkness every day.

    O'the Space that is within me,
    Is so lonely and so cold,
    Everything is bigger than me,
    What vast emptiness I behold.

    As I float in this incredible galaxy,
    The Sun lies ahead me,
    Like a huge ball of fire in the distance,
    I feel so tiny from what I could see.

    Do I need any improvements or have I said anything that doesnt make sense. If so is there any way 2 make it betta?

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