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the task of economic policy is to created a prosperous america.the unfinished task of prosperous americans is to build a great society. our accomplishments have been mamy; these tasks remain unfinished:> to achieve full employment without inflaction;>to restore external equillibrium and defend the dolla;>to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of our private and public economies;> to widen the benefits of prosperity;> to improve the quality of american life- lyndon b. johnson former president lyndon felt that the most important first step in the war against poverty is
a) a sound dollar
b) efficiency in government
c) full employment
d) our natural defense
e) private and public economics

well i think the answer is e

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    Barbie, Ricardo -- please use the same name when you post in this forum.

    The answer is not e.

    What is the first goal he mentions to create a prosperous America?

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    I believe the answer would be b.

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