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how do you find the percent of how many students in the class for example there are 2000 students in a class and 20 percent of them speak do i solve this problem?

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    OKay SO it would be

    2000 * .20 = 400 students

    You take the percent divde by 100 so:

    20/ 100= 0.2 and then times that by the whole number

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    I don't think you have asked the correct question. The answer to what you asked is 20% because the problem says that.

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    thanx Saira for the help. well drbob222 the question is: what is the number of students that speak french out of 2000. how do you know that the problem says that?

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    Drbob is right. Your question starts out: "how do you find the percent of how many students . . ." As he said, the percent is given -- 20%.

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    so if the number is 1000 students and the percent you need to divide by 20% then the answer would be...200.0.

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    wat do you mean ms.sue?

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    Normally I don't respond to questions like this but you need to understand how to ask a question. For example, your question would have been much clearer had you phrased it something like this.
    "Twenty percent of a class of 2000 students speak French. How many students in the class speak French?"

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    well i meant how many students not the percent but a whole number like 4 or 6.

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    good point dr.bob it would have been easyer to read thanx 4 your help!

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