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can someone help me with this question?At several points in Sherman Alexie's "Indian Education" essay, Alexie uses comparison and contrast. Locate at least two examples and explain what each contributes to the essay?

I just don't see a point of comparison and contrast....can someone help me find some?
The text is online

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    I found many examples of compare and contrast.

    For instance, in first grade he was usually the victim until he got mad enough and hit the bully. He contrasts the nickname about white boys who cry with the fact that they'd never seen a white boy cry. The comparison is that the author is still the same boy with the same feelings both before and after he hit Frenchy. He also compares the bullying of other kids with the bullying he experiences.

    What other examples can you find?

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    is another one in the fourth grade when Mr. Schulter tells him he should be a doctor but he questions her idea. Then he goes home and practices calling himself Doctor Victor?

    Also, I don't understand why the essay is set up using headings like First grade, second grade, etc? It is supposed to be a type of technique?

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    Yes. The fourth grade account is a good example of a contrast and comparison.

    Setting up his essay in chronological order is a logical approach to his essay about Indian Education.

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