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My son in grade 4 got zero for his project, "autobiography"
What exactly are teachers wanting and is there a site that I can go to to show him some examples? Hes really upset and I don't know what the teachers wants!

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    Without seeing his work and the brief from the teacher it is difficult to answer.

    At grade 4 this is can be their own autobiography or a simulation, i.e. putting themselves in the position of someone else and writing their autobiography. Some teachers use historical characters, others use family members, say grandparents, for the latter.

    The main learning outcome that is being looked for is that the child can write an effective autobiography selecting language, form, format and content to suit a particular audience and purpose. Depending on the brief the child will be expected to identify relevant information from a range of sources on paper and on screen and use this as a basis for both oral presentation and writing. If the brief is their own autobiography then oral sources such as talking to parents, grandparents could also be included.

    In the end you will need to talk to the teacher to understand the brief and what was expected.

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