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I actually have a few different problems that are giving me trouble.
The first:
We have to use the motion problem formula: d=rt and make a table containing the elements:
rate: * time: = distance
label #1
label #2

The Directions for this problem's section:
Make a table, and use systems of equations to solve these word problems.


Flying with the wind, a plane travels 1200 nautical miles in 4 hours. Flying against the wind, it travels 500 nautical miles in 2 hours. What is the speed of the plane in still air and the speed of the wind?

***I have figured out that on the table label #1 will be "With the wind" and label #2 will be "Against the wind"***

Thank you so much for any help that I can get!!!

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    Sorry but we never learned that kind of math I wished I could help you I read all the instructions I know math, but not that kind. I'm sorry.

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    its alright, I don't get much myself...even after going through this about 4 months ago. thank you for trying!

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    Another problem that I have that includes the same directions are:

    A plane leaves Lignoier Airport and travels west at 230 mph. A second plane leaves 3 hours later and travels east at 215 mph. How long has each plane flown when the two planes are 1135 miles apart?

  • 8th Grade Math (Algebra1) -Please Help ME!!- -

    Please Help me!!!! This is due tomorrow (our teacher gives us one night to do it) and I'm confused and I don't know what to do about it!

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    Nicole, re your first question

    In your chart, in the row "with the wind"
    fill in D as 1200, R as x+y, and T as 4

    in the row "against the wind", fill in
    D = 500, R = x-y, and T = 2

    from first row: 1200 = 4(x+y)
    4x + 4y = 1200
    x + y = 300 (#1)

    from second row: 500 = 2(x-y)
    2x - 2y = 500
    x - y = 250 (#2)

    add #1 and#2 ----> 2x = 550
    x = 275

    sub into #1 275 + y = 300
    y = 25

  • Lignoeir question -

    "A plane leaves Lignoier Airport and travels west at 230 mph. A second plane leaves 3 hours later and travels east at 215 mph. How long has each plane flown when the two planes are 1135 miles apart?

    form two rows in your chart:
    first: going west
    second: going east

    Going West: T = t hours, R = 230 km/h, D = 230t km
    Goint East: T = t-3 hours, R = 215 km/h, D = 215(t-3)

    When is total D = 1135 ?
    230t + 215(t-3) = 1135
    t = 4

    first one flew 4 hours, the second flew 1 hour.

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    What is domain?

  • 8th Grade Math (Algebra1) -


  • 8th Grade Math (Algebra1) -

    what is x-2=12?

  • 8th Grade Math (Algebra1) -

    can someone help

  • 8th Grade Math (Algebra1) -


  • 8th Grade Math (Algebra1) -

    simpllify thesepositive exponents

  • 8th Grade Math (Algebra1) -

    sorry i wish i could help ,but i am kind of confused about this kind of algebra

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