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20-21st century History

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1. German Italy formed an alliance in 1936 known as the Axis Powers. How did this alliance affect the outcome of the Spanish civil war?

2. Why did Japan wish to expand its territor during the 1930s and 1940s?

3. What was the function of the Neutrality Acts?

4. Why was the Battle of Britan an initial failure of Germany? What strategy did hitler try in his "blitz" of Londn to ward off further failure?

5.Descrube the Lend-Lease act. How did its passage signify a deeper Americab Commitment to the war?

6. Why did the Battle of Stalingard cause Stalin to resent Great Britain and the United States?

7. What famous battle led to the liberation of France? How was liberaion accomplished?

8. Why is the name Holocast used to describe Hitlers atrocities against Jews in Europe during World War 2?

9. What was the effect of the war on the cities of Asia and Europe?

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