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1.)Determine the x- and y- intercept of each equation.
(if u can please show me a step by step answer so i understand it:)

a.) 9x=54-6y

b.) (x/5)-(y/10)=2

  • math grade 10 -

    to find the x-intercept, let y = 0
    so 9x=54-0

    to find the y-intercept, let x = 0
    so 0=54-6y

    so the x-intercept is 6, and the y-intercept is 9

    do the same for the second question, let me know what you got.

  • math grade 10 -

    well for a:
    for y intercept, let x be 0
    -54=-6y (subracting -54 )
    -54/-6=y (dividing -6 )

    so do the same for x intercept just keep y with 0
    and their is the answer....

    sorry don't know b. hope i heped u

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