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1. I need to know if I'm eating right.
(Is this sentence right?)

2. John stood on the beach looking out over the ocean.
2-1. John stood on the beach looking our over ocean.

(Which one is right? Neither is tight?)

3. You go to Homeplus and buy fried chicken for 17,000 won. It's expensive. Instead go to a supermarket, and buy chicken for 6,000 won. Then you can save money. When you make fried chicken, add a proper amount of olive oil in the frying pan. You seem to add lots of oil in the pan. I want you to save oil. If you use too much oil, you have to buy another bottle of olive oil. Are you following me?

(Is this passage grammatical? If there are any errors, correct them, plese.)

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    #1 is correct.

    #2 is correct; #2-1 is not.

    #3 looks good with only this correction needed: In the first sentence, use "find"* instead of "buy." (If you actually buy fried chicken and then go and buy chicken that you'll fry at home, you're not saving money!!)

    *You could also write, "...and find that fried chicken costs 17,000 won...

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