To James -- AED 200

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I removed your post because you presented a complex assignment with no indication of your own ideas.

You asked for "help" in brainstorming but offered none of your thoughts.

If you repost this assignment along with your ideas, we'll then be glad to help you.

  • To James -- AED 200 -

    I am sorry I have never used this before. I was just thinking if I could get help with some brainstorm type ideas I could look into a technology and devise something I could learn in the classroom. I was thinking about English language learners and maybe some kind of technology that might help them learn English quicker as opposed to not using technology.

  • To James -- AED 200 -

    Welcome to Jiskha :-)

    Here's the key to your assignment:

    "Learn to use a technology that you have not used before, or learn a new application of a technology you have used before. Use the technology to develop a teaching product that you might be able to use in student teaching or in your first year of teaching."

    Audio and visual computer instruction and games would help English language learners. What do you want to emphasize in your instruction?

  • To James -- AED 200 -

    Thank you for your suggestion. I ended up finding a game on the internet that I was able to incorporate into my project and wrote my paper about it. Thank you for your help.

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