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how do i get a 45 year old inactive male who weighs 280lb and has a body comp of 55% lean mass and 45% fat mass.down to his goal! his goal is to alter his body comp to 80%-20% and lower his weight to 200lbs

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    Has he had a good physical lately? You might begin with the statistics that inactive men over 35 die 4 times faster than active men. Then analyze what he IS doing. If he is a couch potato in front of the TV, hide the remote, remove the TV. If there are ANY hobbies he likes that involve movement, try that. If you have a dog, walk the dog together. Many people don't want to "suffer" alone so keep him company!

    These are only some ideas to consider. Watch his diet. Be sure to "push" fruits and vegetables and catabolic foods. (They are the ones that's take more calories to digest than they provide.) Get a small plate so the portions are smaller. All the "lose weight" schemes that involve food, stress "portion control." Try hot tea or decaf coffee instead of food. Lots of water to flush toxins away.

    Good luck!


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