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I have had problems with writing sentences in the past, Please if you will tell me how these sentences reads to you! The(')represent my word i have to use in a sentence.

1. The confederates' works fot the president.

2. Te Usa army caused a invasion'on China Army.

3. My brother John fought on the battlefield'in the army.

4.The people in the world are in unity'.

5. The discharge'of John from the army.

6. The president start treaty' with his confederate.

7.John revolution' his life to be a engineer.

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    I see major problems with each of your sentences.

    Try this: Go to http://www.onelook.com and look up each word. Make sure you know if it's a noun or verb or what. Also look over the sample phrases and clauses given that illustrate the use of each word.

    Let us know what you come up with.

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    Well, sentence 3 isn't bad. Keep that one!

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