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Please correct my grammar and sentences

Wordsworth used many symbolisms in this sonnet in order to make the readers feel strongly about this matter and to feel what Wordsworth himself felt. He used strong diction and powerful details to get his point across. The phrase “late and soon” is another way of saying past and the future. Society will and always will be obsessed with progression in the world of economics and technology. “Little we see in Nature that is ours; \” (3) means that the world will be soon filled with factories and buildings hiding and covering up nature behind it. The “sordid boon” he mentions is about how he feels shameful and disgusted about the fact that humans gave up themselves up for an advanced life. Science, reason, inventions, and businesses are all gifts, but are also a cause for the negative impact on the way human look at nature. The phrase “sleeping flowers” is his way of how he views nature that nature is fragile and innocent. All these phrases Wordsworth uses seem to foreshadow the future. Society will continue to destruct the environment because of their greed and ambition to progress in the world.
There are lot of rhetoric devices Wordsworth used in this sonnet that show his confidence and passion about nature. Wordsworth uses various types of tones in the sonnet. In the first 9 lines, the speaker’s tone is calm and turns into anger and sarcasm. In the next 5 lines, the tone shifts into desperation frustration. He is berating society for giving all their attention to industries and materials and distancing themselves from the benefits nature can offer. In the last six lines, he brings back the sarcastic tone expressing his wish that he would rather be a pagan following their set of beliefs, so he can see and appreciate nature from a set of different eyes.

The sonnet is filled with metaphors, alliteration, and imagery. The speaker thinks that “we have given our hearts away” (4). Wordsworth uses this metaphor to tell us that we have given ourselves away for money and power so deeply that we can’t experience nature and enjoy it like we should. Of all the poetic devices, imagery and alliteration were the ones that stood out more in the sonnet and made the argument of Wordsworth’s much stronger. He describes the wind as “howling at all hours” (6) and the sea as “bares its bosom to the moon” (6). These images make one think and realize that nature is not being appreciated as it should be. The sea is exposing itself to the world and wind is howling for the people to hear, but everyone is too busy with industries and machines. In the last couple of lines, he makes the readers imagine him standing on a “lea” as a pagan and see the image of “Proteus rising from the sea” (12). Proteus was a Greek sea god who had the power to change his appearance to escape dangerous situations. In the sonnet, Proteus would be seen rising from the water and fixing the injustice inflicted upon nature by humans. Wordsworth also mentions another Greek god, Triton, ruler of the sea and is represented as a savior of nature. The image of “old Triton blow his wreathed horn” (13) at the end is a magnificent way to end the poem and will force the reader to imagine the picture in their minds.

It is obvious that Wordsworth’s love of nature brought him happiness. He communicates his love of nature through his style of writing and urges people to love nature before it slips too far away to reach it. Wordsworth cannot understand how societies can give up on nature so easily for something greedy like wealth. In “The World is Too Much With Us,” Wordsworth writes about beauty and nature and uses his writing skills to bring a deeper meaning to life. Nature was his life and believes it should be a part of our lives.

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    Your grammar is OK for the most part. I only read the last paragraph closely.

    Here are two errors I found there:
    "wealth" is not greedy. Certain people may be greedy. In the last sentence, you probably left out "he" before "believes". Nature does not do the believing.

    In the first sentence of the essay, it is is better to say "much symbolism" or "many symbols". "Symbolism" itself cannot be enumerated does not have a plural.

    <<Wordsworth also mentions another Greek god, Triton, ruler of the sea and is represented as a savior of nature. >>
    The way that sentence is constructed, Wordsworth is the savior of nature. I don't think that was your intent.

    With that, I hope our real English experts will give you a more
    detailed critique.

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